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Sid Picks One-of-a-Kind Vendors to Make Your Big Day Unique

My goal of this section is to present fun, romantic and artistic wedding inspirations. Be prepared to be dazzled each month with photos and brief stories of GWM vendors whose styles are imaginative, intimate and authentic. After detailed research, I've compiled a list of talented vendors with samples of their masterpieces. When it comes to your big day, each of us wants something beautiful and uniquely-us. Whether your day is around the corner, or you're merely looking for inspiration, this post is for you.

- Sid Tripp, CEO of

Renaissance Man: About Sid Tripp, CEO

With an eye for design, Sid Tripp is an avid collector of antiques and historic relics. He collects and creates work that tells a story. He is an entrepreneur and owner of the Portland-based marketing firm, Proactive Resources. From uncovering trends in local cuisine to discovering the perfect B&B hideaway to visiting high-quality artists and craftsmen, Sid shares with you only the very best Maine has to offer...

Welcome to... be inspired! Making your big day as truly unique as you are is what inspires us every day. Enjoy!

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Turning Something Old Into Something New

At The Chaya Studio

October 2017 Sid's Picks

Whether you are planning a wedding or simply want to give your jewelry an imaginative update, local artist Chaya Caron, an award-winning designer, works with clients to create exceptional pieces that truly reflect their personalities.

Repurpose: Is your jewelry collection hibernating in your jewelry box? Using your pieces or a mix of your treasures with her collection of sustainably sourced metals and Fair Trade gemstones, Chaya will transform your “something old” into a unique, new heirloom that is truly you.

Customize: Honor the uniqueness of your relationship with one-of-a-kind wedding or commitment rings. Designed hand-in-hand with the happy couple, Chaya guides the process, integrating each couple’s history, interests and sensibilities to produce extraordinary pieces that perfectly symbolize their extraordinary bond.

Call: Chaya for details & start your jewelry journey today


Chaya is dedicated to creating high quality, eco-friendly jewelry of unique designs and a heartfelt purpose. She hopes that with each piece created, we all move one step closer to sustainable change worldwide.

With the purchase of Chaya’s jewelry, made from recycled metals and fair trade gems, you can help reduce waste, spread more love, preserve ecosystems and defend human rights.

Specializing in custom designs:

• Made in Maine    • Wedding and engagement rings    • Anniversary gifts    • Remounting stones

• Recycling metals    • New design concepts for rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc

22 Cottage Rd, South Portland, ME

(207) 221-6552

Website / Email


Classic Maine Lighthouse Wedding

September 2017 Sid's Picks

If you dream of the romance of a wedding by the water, you will find no locations closer to the ocean or any site that is uniquely Maine for your wedding. We have discovered SIX Maine Lighthouses that offer breathtaking views, historic charm and the salty air of the North Atlantic. Coastal Maine offers magical seaside locations of times gone by…Cape Neddick Light (Nubble Light), Marshall Point Lighthouse, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, Portland Headlight and Spring Point Lighthouse.

Maine’s picturesque oceanfront lighthouses provide the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding.  Friends and families will enjoy all of the outdoor activities coastal Maine has to offer, allowing you the opportunity to spend precious time with the ones you love. As your life together begins, let Maine help you create memories to last a lifetime.


Maine Island Wedding

August 2017 Sid's Picks

Your Chebeague Island Inn Wedding

The magic of Chebeague Island Inn is never more apparent than when hosting a quintessential Maine seaside ceremony. Their picture perfect location, rich in romance and historic splendor, offers warm ocean breezes, unparalleled views and old-world charm. The intimacy of the Inn, with its 21 rooms, provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the company of your guests throughout the weekend.

Imagine saying "I Do" alongside Casco Bay on their lush lawn, enjoying cocktails and hors d'oeuvres on their wrap-around porch, and moving to your reception tent where the sun will set over the water's edge while you're surrounded by friends and family.

Known for its welcoming community and scenic natural surroundings, the island draws scores of wedding parties each summer. Board a ferry in Portland, and 60 minutes later you’ll arrive on its shores. Chebeague Island is an amazing & beautiful backdrop for your Maine wedding.

Stunning Maine

Beach Wedding

July 2017 Sid's Picks


So many brides and grooms visit Maine every year due to the reputation that precedes it’s well known beaches.  Maine, however, has a lot to offer when it comes to selecting your choice for a beach ceremony.  One of Maine’s most beautiful beach areas is Laudholm Farm, in the Wells Preserve.

The Wells Preserve is an historic nature preserve that offers some of the most visually stunning secluded beach views in the southern Maine area.  Laudholm Beach is a unique and charming beach and is often voted one of the region’s most romantic beach venues. Laudholm Farm underwent a through a complete renovation of it’s facilities in 1990 and added wonderful amenities, parking, and landscaping.  This makes Laudholm Farm the shining star of the southern Maine coast.  You cannot go wrong with a Maine Beach Wedding at Laudholm Farm.


Spring Grooms Fashions

June  2017 Sid's Picks

This season’s grooms fashions  have been making a statment in the industry with men stepping up their fashion sense and thinking about what to wear. Some new statements that have been emerging have been multilayering tuxes, decorating with patterns, and popping out their fashion with bold colors. Some colors that have been making an impact are deep, rich colors like emerald green or navy blue.

Boutonniere's are also the major focus as well, with so many Grooms choosing to stray away from just the one flower and go for something more interesting and unique.


Spring Bridal Fashions

May  2017 Sid's Picks

This season’s bridal fashion has been revamped with modest and old-fashioned out the door. Skin baring choices are in with bare shoulders, extreme neck plunges, and delicate lace slightly covering the chest area.  The look is considered very bold and classy. Some brides have even been taking their fashion a bit further with oversized bows & 3-D floral details among their dresses.

 Another choice all together that brides have been rethinking is “why have a dress at all!?” Brides have been deciding to try delicate pantsuits with light accessories. These outfits are making a huge hit in the industry with more and more brides daring to go bold.

Find more bridal dresses/outfits HERE.


5 More Amazing Wedding Trends For 2017 That Are Changing The Face Of Maine Weddings

April  2017 Sid's Picks

1. 'Zillas Are SO Out

Reality TV shows have popularized screaming groomzillas, fight-starting maids of honor, and brides who can’t be pleased. Do your self a favor and take the stress out of your wedding by ironing out all of the details beforehand, or if you have the means, hire a “Day of Planner.” On your wedding day – for god sake keep it cool.

2. The Garter Toss Is So Gross

How weird is the garter toss? Every year you see less and less of this strange tradition. Letting a weird stranger, or worse a distant relative, run their hand up your leg with a garter while a DJ is yelling, "another inch another year of luck" is beyond gross.

3. Be Creative For Your Wedding Processional

No longer is there a hard rule on who walks the bride or groom down the aisle. Now brides walk down together, or with grandparents, brothers, sisters, or both parents. And surprisingly, some brides or grooms find themselves capable of walking down the aisle alone.

4. Wedding Donations In Place Of Favors

More couples are choosing to make donations to a non-profit organization instead of assembling a bazillion wedding favors into raffia-tied burlap sacks. Should you choose to give your guests a gift, consider an immediately consumable one, like food truck pizza or a local favorite food upon exit. Your guests will love you for it.



5. Let’s Dance The Night Away

The tradition of wedding dances is as popular today as it was a hundred years ago. I have noticed some great twists lately such as brides choosing to dance with uncles, brothers, their mom, or any important person in their life. How about the wedding couple dancing together surrounded by everyone who braved the whole wedding reception?



5 Amazing Wedding Trends For 2017 That Are Changing The Face Of Maine Weddings

March 2017 Sid's Picks

1. Thank God Bridal Parties Are Dead… Long Live Wedding Parties

With marriage equality, came the death of traditional gender-divided bridal parties. The growing trend now includes mixed wedding parties, small parties, or no parties at all. Now we see celebrations that include the Best Lady, Man of Honor, gay besties, and friends standing by friends

3. Unplug Your Wedding Ceremony – Because You Can

More and more couples are recognizing that cell phones are a distraction from the ceremony. Stay in the moment. Stay focused. Of course after the ceremony, your guests can #hashtag the night away.

2. Do It Your Way! The Art Of Not Caring What Other People Think

Planning a wedding should no longer be a rigid process. Throw a wedding your way to celebrate what’s important to you and the person you are marrying. Cheers to everyone who is helping to change the wedding industry into one that supports the celebration of couples that dare to walk off the beaten aisle.

4. Choose A Wedding Planner Over Pinterest Daydreams

It’s about time more couples are using wedding planners and day-of planners. Let’s be real, designing a wedding solely from Pinterest can lead to headaches, heartbreaks and unrealistic expectations. While I love a good DIY project, the tyranny of the pre-wedding living room sweatshop can get out of hand quickly. Planners have more access to rental and decor options. Planners exist for the purpose of assisting you in having the best wedding with the least amount of stress.



5. I LOVE…First Looks & Reveals

My favorite trend for the past few years is first looks and reveals….a bride seeing her bride for the first time, grooms seeing each other, and a dad seeing his daughter before the wedding. This is a favorite tradition couples like to capture, so plan ahead with your wedding photographer and get those first looks as they happen.



Talented musicians to get you "Up and Grooving."

February 2017 Sid's Picks








The Kelly Laurence Quintet is “A Lounge Act's Lounge Act”.  With passion & emotion, these five accomplished Maine musicians bring to your big day the era of the American Songbook, vintage Rock-n-Roll, Jazz standards and classic contemporary. Whether you are looking for a soft, romantic ambiance or a high-energy dance set, Kelly Laurence has extensive performance experience playing sophisticated & silky smooth sounds.

When deciding on music for your wedding, function or party, you can choose each song individually or leave the planning to the band’s expertise, and simply add a few of your favorites instead. Whatever your choice, Kelly Laurence ensures an approachable working relationship while planning elegant and unforgettable music. Got a wedding song request? If they don't know it, they will learn it for you!

Being versatile, and requiring few accommodations, services can and have been provided in churches, restaurants, outdoor venues, large banquet halls, and beaches. Visit their listing HERE.

Our 25 Most Viewed Vendors for 2016

January 2017 Sid's Picks

GWM is extremely grateful for all of you who allow us to do what we love every single day! When we first started our directory back in 2012, we never dreamed it would become such a huge online hit, and that we would have not one, but two wedding directories - Gay Weddings in Maine Dot Com & Maine Wedding Directory Dot Com.

And now as the year comes to an end, we love looking back through our list of the 20 Most Visited Wedding Vendors For 2016. It’s fun to see which ones made it to the top 20.

If you are new to our sites, this is always a great place to start your wedding planning!


D.Cole Jewelers

Jewelry & Jewelry Designers

(207) 772-5119


DJ BrianC

Music: Bands & DJs

Serving Maine & New Hampshire

(207) 212-6560





The Purpoodock Club

Reception Venues

(207) 799-2273


Brittany Rae Photography

Photographers & Videographers

(207) 671-5331




Diane York Weddings & Events Inc.

Wedding Planners & Consultants

(207) 773-7170





Mariner's Church Banquet Center

Reception Venues

(207) 774-7016



Harmon's & Barton's


(207) 774-5946




Harvest Gold Gallery

Jewelry & Jewelry Designers

(207) 925-6502





Jewelry & Jewelry Designers

44 Exchange St. Portland, ME 04101

+ 4 Additional Locations in Maine

Portland: (207) 772-4880




The Inn on Peak's Island

Reception Venues

(207) 766-5100







Maine Limousine Service

Transportations & Limos

(207) 883-0222


Maine Wedding Barn & Event Center

Reception Venues

(207) 577-1373


Roost Café and Bistro

Reception Venues

(207) 646-9898


Portland Regency Hotel & Spa

Reception Venues

(207) 221-5913






Jonathan's Ogunquit

Reception Venues

(207) 646-4777


Migis Hotels

Reception Venues

(207) 655-4524


Day's Jewelers

Jewelry & Jewelry Designers

(800) 439-3297


The Cumberland Club

Reception Venues

(207) 773-6402






Anne Beldon Coaching

Married Life Services: Family Building

(207) 233-5939


Brent&Jess, LLC

Jewelry & Jewelry Designers

(888) 370-7042


Andrea's Bridal

Attire: Gowns & Tuxedos

(207) 772-5313



Reception Venues




Minott's Flowers


(207) 772-4638



A Maine Wedding

Wedding Planners & Consultants

(207) 633-2372



One Longfellow Square

Reception Venues

(207) 761-1757


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